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Top 5 Best Jungle Minecraft Seeds 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9 (Jungle Village, Jungle island, jungle temple ravine, and more.)

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Seed 5: -5629845427744059835
Cool Jungle Spawn, Jungle Temple by spawn (You will spawn in the middle of a jungle biome and should be near a jungle temple.)

Seed 4: -9089409167323528152
Best Jungle Island Spawn (a really good seed for those who wanted a jungle seed out in the middle of an ocean.)

Seed 3: -4586432859068680581
Awesome Jungle Ravine Spawn Minecraft Seed 1.8.9

Seed 2: -2893528817827962191
Cool Jungle temple ravine: X= -134 Y= 72 Z= 42
(Spawns you in the middle of a jungle, but if you head to the coordinates for this Minecraft seed you should find a jungle temple by a ravine.)

Seed 1: -4100875858698083715
NPC Village/Jungle
X= 6
Y= 72
Z= 659

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28 Replies to “Top 5 Best Jungle Minecraft Seeds 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9 [2016]”

  1. OMG i found a really cool seed! the seed is 2786349874198226124 you spawn in a big jungle and at X 89.977 Y 67.00000 and Z 336.749 you can find a desert temple also next to it at X 152.511 Y 73.00000 and Z 562.557 you find a village with a blacksmith dont know whats in it yet neither do i know with the desert temple but a little further is another village at X -108.138 Y 72.00000 and Z 511.593 you find another village but it doesnt have a blacksmith and last but not least a little further into the desert you can find (and this is pretty cool and maybe rare) a desert temple buried UNDER the sand at X 255.431 Y 72.00000 Z 731.254 and if you have the time you can maybe explore the jungle and find some temples i havent found any yet but maybe just maybe you can.

  2. I know a seed that makes you spawn in a dimension made completely of of diamonds and it instantly puts diamond armor on you and it gives you a diamond sword. The seed is 186453900259372

  3. ok people, o found an epic seed for 10.2? I don't know what I'm on. but you spawn next to a village with a ravine and lake. the seed is 1234567891011121314151617181920

  4. +Nsanity Games pls do review on my own seed 1.8.9 seed:5751398210228581533 3 villages surface dungeon many diamonds underground the spawn desert temple. thanks

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