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Minecraft Seeds- Top 5 Minecraft Survival Island Seeds 1.9.4, 1.9.2, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.7.10

Top 5 Minecraft Village Seeds-
Top 5 Jungle Minecraft Seeds-
Top 5 Snow Minecraft Seeds-
Top 5 Flat Land Minecraft Seeds-

5: 7268964858148269667
Small island, ocean monument spawn

4: 5031642532363291914
Extreme Hills survival Island Spawn, double ravine near spawn

3: -7289463392565192574
Large survival island spawn, ocean monument by spawn, sugar cane

2: 3708709005346753573
Minecraft survival island seed spawn, non extreme hills island with a hill

1: -4561404770161075812
Small island spawn, Large Extreme hills survival island near spawn

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Cool Jungle Village, Jungle Temple Minecraft Seed-
Cool NPC Village, Diamonds, Emeralds Minecraft Seed-
Top 3 NPC Village Seeds-
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37 Replies to “Top 5 Survival Island Minecraft Seeds 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.7.10”

  1. 1st one, I tried it but when i got in, I see no other islands just like one island with poor trees, i checked everywhere.

  2. Wait a second…in top 4,there's a ravine but water is not going down,it looks like a glitch anyway.😔😔😔

  3. terrible commentary bad quality and not the best seeds in general. no wonder there are barely any likes compared to the views

  4. The last seed is my favorite. I'm going to use it right now! Thanks now I have a favorite seed! You just earned a new subscriber!

  5. none of these really qualify for survival islands. survival islands are supposed to be tiny with bare minimum resources.

  6. Seed #1 has a spider dungeon at 194 74 464 with C418 CAT, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, rotten flesh, and a lot of string

  7. seed number 3 is a cok island' looking for help making spawn.
    looking for admins and builders

    survival community faction sever

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