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One lone figure takes on a small army of bad guys! Can he overcome them or will he be overcome? If you are a fan of martial art fight scenes, you will love this clip! Great sound effects only enhance its appeal.

And for the official record, I did *NOT* make this so I don’t take credit for it’s awesomeness. You’ll notice the creator’s (Xiao Xiao) full contact info is included in the clip. I did convert it to a format that could be uploaded to YT and watched by everyone. Enjoy! 🙂

Want more Xiao? Visit his website at to watch all his clips. You can also download them there!

If you like this, Digg it! – . I can’t think of a better way to give props to Xiao.

And here is a special reward for *you* for reading this far. Play the game based on this animation at:

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