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*Product provided by Nintendo* BUT I still went out and BOUGHT Bayonetta 2 AGAIN for Nintendo Switch! Was it Worth It? Or should I have just played it on Wii U again instead? Here is my gameplay and review of Bayonetta 2 for Nintendo Switch VS Wii U -Like/Comment/Sub

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36 Replies to “Was Bayonetta 2 Worth Buying AGAIN On Nintendo Switch?”

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  2. Picked up bayonetta 2 for switch with the first and i can't put it down. Also it would be awesome to see skyward sword and twilight princess on switch.

  3. Your my fav youtube switch reviewer. my wife just got me a switch…AND we wanna game together and all my friends have the switch…do you have a video of the best co op games

  4. Yo BeatEmUps did u know they are releasing it again in February 18 2020 a Remastered Version of Bayonetta/Vanquish in a 10 Year Anniversary Bundle:Launch Edition Steelbook For PS4/PS4 Pro/Xbox One
    So I’m extremely excited for this because I never played these games so now I will be getting a chance to with this remastered version of both of these amazing cooling looking games 😍

  5. Even thought this video is a year old wanted to let you know I’m buying this bc of this video. Good job man on your videos!

  6. i bought switch last month, in eahop 50$, it's expensive, is it that good and worth the money? i don't want to watch YouTube, i don't want to spoiler it, anyone tell me is it worth the 50$? just say yes or no.

  7. I've been wanting to play Bayonetta since it came out but never got around to it, then B2 came out and I got hyped only to realize it was a WiiU exclusive… now seeing as I've basically "switched" over from Ps4 being my console of choice I have the chance to play a game I've been wanting to play FOR YEARS! So I am in favor of buying it, even of you already own it.

  8. Now they have the e shoo bundle where if you bought 1 digital version the other is discounted to where it would equal exactly 60 dollars. If you buy bayo 1 for 29.99 bayo 2 gets discounted to 29.99. If you buy bayo 2 for 49.99 then bayo 1 gets discounted to a total of 9.99$.

  9. Why even make this? Dude some people just have one console (Switch) and appreciate the inclusion. It's that simple. Buying the same game multiple times (especially more than twice) is just absurd if you're not a collector or something.

  10. Just completed bayonetta 2. It was such a fun experience! I’ve had a switch since 2016 but apart from BOTW, I didn’t have a lot of other games. But thanks to ur channel, I’m rediscovering a lot of games that I previously overlooked!!

  11. I havend play this game before but i like it now i,ve seen this review wow so mutch action i am devenitly gonna buy bayonetta 1 and 2 for NS ( Nintendo Switch)👍

  12. Just wished this game took away all of those button mashing/ analog stick wiggling quick time events. My pro controller's left joystick has marks on the stem from rotating the left analog stick.

  13. I just started my Bayonetta Journey, now I'm kicking myself thinking what took me so long! I love Devil May Cry, but I'm not sure which one I like more I'm almost thinking alike Bayonetta a little more

  14. I love Bayonetta and I never got to played the game but I am geting a Nintendo Switch werry soon and Bayonetta is goving to be my furst I am goving to play

  15. I love Bayonetta and I never got to played the game but I am geting a Nintendo Switch werry soon and Bayonetta is goving to be my furst I am goving to play

  16. Of course it is isnpired by Devil may cry… It is made by the same studio…

    Also you people sholdl know that Bayonetta was launched for PC as well…aand it runns 4K 60 fps, just so you know… 😉

  17. I literally saw this review yesterday and bought the game today! A sassy and badass main female character? Yes please! It took me some time to find however because it was sold out everywhere! But Toys R Us Canada came thorughhhh with the last copy 😩 and this isn’t even my genre bc I suck at games and play the RNG and simple ones!

  18. Ok. I have a confession to make after watching your video man…. bayonetta 2 is the reason why I even have a Nintendo Switch now. XD

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