37 Replies to “Week 1, continued”

  1. I took 2012 …. cs50
    Now i am taking 2015 ….
    This course is soo engaging and funny i love it 🙂 THANK YOU DAVID !!!

  2. I know this might be a dumb question but is the cs50 library making it too easy for us? Is it going to teach us "bad" C? Since stuff like get_int and get_string(and the string as a separate type in itself) do not really exist in C, would we get too used to these 'conveniences'?

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  4. 48:58 Why did you declare on 14 line int cube(int a) and then at 26 line you declare int cube(int n) …
    Why is this different?

  5. Great lecture today. I still have one request though. Can the CS50 staff not include examples like the eight minutes video. I am quite positive that all of those following CS50 have no interest in these kinds of software developments. We are learning to create great things that are supposed to make our lives and the lives of the next generation better. I also believe that the great staff of CS50 didn't intend to put it that way, it's just an opinion that I hope gets heard for future lessons. Thank you.

  6. thanks a lot..u r the best teacher that i have ever seen.u always keeps me motivating..may god bless u.keep it up…….

  7. I love how this is so well made that everyone could come to understand it. Before I started, to me something labelled Harvard or Yale would be really really hard, now I'm starting to see it's more about the way it is taught and the skills of the teacher than the intellect of the student (up to a point ofcourse). Anyway it gives me hope!

  8. I literally LOL at that Siri part. I thought her reaction would e borng, didn't see it coming at all. Also, the monotonous robotic voice of Siri makes it much funnier.

  9. Hi David. I am taking this course to refresh my programming skills i learned 10 years ago. A great job indeed!…Is it possible to have a small video about setting up cloud9 setup for us remote users? I want to setup the environment for my use. Thanks!

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