46 Replies to “Which Halo Game Has The Strongest Grunts?”

  1. you should compare the hunters from each halo game, odst hunters were rough but not as bad as halo 4/5. i’m just curious what your opinion was

  2. I remember watching the elite armor video and bout the colors and noticed you didn’t mention the black armored versions and also the other versions of the grunts as well but mostly only I remember them being in halo CE they appear if I remember on legendary when you are trying to escape truth and reconciliation while your on the top floor if you were to drop down to the bottom they are all there and all very deadly even just the grunts

  3. Didnt the grunts in halo ce shoot their plasma pistol way more excessively and more accurately after level 6?? I remember a great difference in difficulty from the grunts in the first few levels vs the last 3.

  4. He talked all about the grunts in Reach and didn’t mention the sections where it puts them with an engineer so not only do you have helmet grunts but sheilded helmet grunts.

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