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Played by: Spazbo4

Bayonetta 2 carries on the action-style gameplay of its predecessor, in which players control the eponymous Bayonetta as she fights against various angelic and demonic forces using combinations of melee attacks and gunplay.

At the end of the longplay I show the Star Fox easter egg that is in the game if you use the Star Mercenary costume that allows you to pilot an Arwing during a shooter section of the game


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36 Replies to “Wii U Longplay [010] Bayonetta 2 (part 1 of 2)”

  1. Why didn't you go to Rodin's shop and get the weapons fro the gold LP's you got and tried to get the umbran tears of blood?🤔🤔🤔

  2. The best part is that he keeps the guns and doesn't change or have the sword and stuff. Thanks so much for that.

  3. As a animation artist the only thing that is but always needed improvement on is to get hair to flow realistically and not appear so stiff just with fine details.

  4. This game is fantastic. I love Bayonetta 1 as well, but I love Bayonetta 2 alot more. One of my favorite games to play.

  5. Only girls can master this game but guys will die a lot because a powerful witch with 4 guns can be hard to master

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