32 Replies to “WordPress fix: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini”

  1. New video available with easier and faster way to fix this issue! https://youtu.be/FTP8TVNf0yI

    This fix was suggested by Jo Hum , Paul45 & Dawson Jackson. Thanks!

  2. php Processes Widget is no longer available with current versions of Cpanel(2019 Onwards).Alternatively make changes under MUlti PHP Manager by switching to an older version of PHP as the "Current Version" and the saving your changes.This will kill all processes on the old version and thereafter you can switch to the latest PHP Version.


  3. well, there is one more way which is a lot easier then any Goto Cpannel -> Multi Php INI Editor -> Select your domain -> edit -> go down to the table you will find upload max file size -> 1024->2048 -> click save and DONE !!! you are good to go now.

  4. Hello! I am not able to do this through godaddy because I use wordpress offline using xampp. So any other way to go around this filesize directive ish?

  5. Hi i Couldn't find the PHP Process in the first method and i tried the second method by Jo Hum and in the "switch to Php options" dropdown is not appearing ….could you plz help me out to rectify this error.

  6. So much trouble, you can also configure from CPanel "MultiPHP INI Editor" , Configure PHP INI basic settings, (For Megabytes remember use only "M" and not "MB")

  7. I Have a wordpress ecommerce website, but prices do not appear on main page or product page. It also has different prices set for Australian prices in countries other than the US. The prices show up for IP addresses outside the US, but does not show up within the US.

  8. That was an Awesome Tutorial, You helped me by leaps and bounds. Saved my literal tension for 5 hours . Great Going Boss.🖕👈

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