26 Replies to “Xiao Xiao 3 (720p HD)”

  1. 어? 보스전은 어디서 본듯한 격투 합인가 했더니..니나잘해에서 장보고랑 황대협이 합을 하던 그건데?

  2. i remember watching this in computer lab in Grade 9, and trying to recreate similar things with the animation program, they all turned out like trash so i just gave up. but this was the video that inspired me the most

  3. One of my Dad’s Friends showed this to me on Newgrounds & it changed my life as a result of not wanting to watch much of “Stick Death” anymore

  4. OMG i can never get rid of this , I had My first PC in 2003 and yea i used to flex in the neighbourhood Playing this loud

  5. Whooohoooo!!! I had noticed this thing years ago, not knowing what its title was, and now I have found it again! 😀 The recommendation list helped me reach here.

  6. I remember when first time i watch it at my cousin's computer and i always ask them play it until they sick of it😂

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