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[English] a professional gameplay to show you some tricks and some moves, and fun. i hope you like it! No offensive comments and unwanted comments! anyway i didn’t used cheats.

[Italian] un gameplay da professionista su xiao xiao 9 il gioco per dimostrare alcuni trucchetti e mosse, buon divertimento, niente commenti indisiderati e offensivi, comunque non ho usato trucchi o codici per barare. the black stick guy has the guy’s move from final fight. 1 protagonist with one life, 30 enemies, 1 enemy in cutscene and the final boss. difficult: casual.

Disclaimer: I do not own the game.

You can play the game there


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16 Replies to “Xiao Xiao 9 No damage”

  1. Yo good job ThunderMarco! I had I bet with friends to beat the game in under 5 min (with no damage) but none of us could do it, but you're real close! I bet if you used the trick in you could do it

  2. damn i bet this youtuber play this game when he was a kid and know all the moves for this and also i bet he nows 23 years old or somthing

  3. Nice job ThunderMarco! I've also figured out a way to defeat the final boss much faster, by doing the same thing you've done for all the other enemies. If you stand in the same place as him and keep punching him, you can continuously hit him without him falling to the ground.

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