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Everything containing Xiao Xiao made by Chinese animator Zhu Zhiqiang. All animations go directly to ZHU ZHIQIANG. This collection video was put together by Seth H, I did not make the Xiao Xiao series, I simply put them together.

Xiao Xiao 1 – 9

Xiao Xiao No.1: 0:00
Xiao Xiao No.2: 1:18
Xiao Xiao No.3: 2:50
Xiao Xiao No.4: 5:18
Xiao Xiao No.5: 8:42
Xiao Xiao No.6: 10:18
Xiao Xiao No.7: 12:32
Xiao Xiao No.8: 14:50
Xiao Xiao No.9: 17:15

Xiao Xiao Ads
Xiao Xiao Beer Ad: 25:52
Xiao Xiao Beer Ad 2: 26:42
Xiao Plaza Ad: 27:42


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20 Replies to “Xiao Xiao Collection | Xiao Xiao 1-9 | Xiao Xiao Ads”

  1. I LOVE the fact that this compilation retains the original XIAO XIAO loading screen at 2:53 (which is in many ways a twist on Terminator). Thanks for the memories!

  2. I've only played the 9th one (the beat'em up) and that's what lead me here, Even though I've never played the others I can feel a great "Early 2000s Vibe" from this compilation. It takes me back to simpler times.

  3. Damn these will always be awesome, i remember seeing these back in 7th grade (2004) and they're still awesome all these years later.

  4. These were my favorite, managed to see these before I even watched The Matrix for the first time. I really hope this guy made it into the industry, he's definitely got an eye for action cinema

  5. I remember watching this series on the internet back when I was in high school in the late 2000s.

    Ah, memories.

  6. Nostalgia!…… Man… I was in Kindergarten back then…. Time really does fly…. 2006…. Ah man…..This video brought back those days live into my mind…how i used to open our desktop and alongwith my frnds.. i used to watch this….. Damn….. Those days…..thanks for the vid..

  7. I love looking at animation and just taking in the amount of effort it must have taken and this is basically drugs in that aspect

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