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Today I’ll be covering Jungle Xin Zhao for Season 7, Patch 7.20. I’m going to cover his Pros & Cons, Masteries, Runes, Summoners, Abilities, Skill Order, Jungle Route, Ganking, Teamfighting, Hard Matchups, and Item Build.

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33 Replies to “XIN ZHAO: TASTE MY SPEAR – League of Legends Champion Guide”

  1. Nice and clear demonstration, does anyone know any other characters weilding a Spear or a Staff ??
    Both LOL and Non LOL including

  2. 0:12 Pros and Cons
    2:13 Summoners
    2:43 Abilities
    6:49 Skill Order
    7:26 Jungle Route
    7:57 Ganking
    8:26 Team Fighting
    8:59 Hard Matchup
    10:32 Item Build

  3. I'm a Xin main, I have 63% win rate over 300 games, masteries page is wrong… And Xin damage does fall off late game, he can 1v5 if fed, his new ult is just fucking op right now against all ranged, you can basically block all ults from all range champs, press r and it blocks all incoming damage, I've seen people waste all their ults while I ult and either run away or 1v1 someone in front of me as your ult can last longer for each AA hit or casted ability

  4. since when xin damage falls off?)like this guy is beast late game.He can duel any late game champs 1v1 not building full damage even.

  5. double edge sword <<<<<< with his e in and q it takes about 3 seconds before your really doing the damage anyways in a duel, not worth taking the extra damage IMO.

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